National Sales Manager BCUK

February 7 2008, Horse & Hound published a four page feature on Team ESB. As a consequence, Vanessa flew to the UK with four of her horses on May 23, 2008.

She has remained there until the horses were placed. During this stay she was offered the position as National Sales Manager for Bartercard UK and worked in that role for over a year, recruiting and rebuilding a sales team.

The recent drought conditions and economic pressures are a huge challenge and Vanessa says she has learned to use her imagination and creative powers to survive. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and helping others develop their horse knowledge as well as themselves, so she is now setting up accommodation facilities for around twenty people and their horses to conduct workshops and clinics throughout the year in Australia.

Throughout all of her trials and tribulations, Vanessa is enormously grateful to her family and friends for their continued support and unquestioning love, despite them not always understanding her, her mission or her strategies.

Her aim in life is to “contribute where others can’t or won’t and to motivate others to believe in themselves and follow their dream, despite what others say!”

“Live for today and trust in your own judgement, it is there for a reason!”